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Sanitization company in Dubai

Give Ultimate Protection to your Loved Ones

The demand for sanitization companies have skyrocketed after the Covid 19 pandemic picked up speed. Countless new service sanitization companies have mushroomed out but Lets Serve has made its presence felt by delivering extraordinary services. Unlike other companies that use low grade disinfectants or work without any sound knowledge, we only make use of promising techniques.

Lets Serve is the leading sanitization company in Dubai that employs safe and quick procedures to destroy all pathogens. Take a look at our procedure -

Sanitization company in Dubai

Our outdoor cleaning services cover the following:

  • Assessing the area with full precautions. Our operators use PPE kits while carrying out the procedure. All the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and wiped. Dust and dirt particles are removed from the surfaces.
  • Preparing the disinfectant solutions in properly ventilated areas as per expert recommendation.
  • All rooms of the property and surfaces are disinfected with ULV Cold fog machines. It merely takes a few minutes to neutralize the pathogens. All surfaces such as armrests, doorknobs, switches must be covered during the procedure. In the final step, our team wipes out all wet areas to remove all traces of any chemicals.

Contact us if you are looking for a sanitization company in Dubai that effectively eliminates pathogens. Give your loved ones the complete safety deserved by them. Our procedures are completely safe for children, pets and surrounding environment.