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Ups and Downs of Cleaning the Sofa by Yourself

You may answer our family, our loved ones are with us under the same roof, we all cook together, laugh together, and share ups and downs together but one thing we neglect that makes our house a home is generally our environment in the home what makes our environment - our things, how we have set up the furniture and on which place we are placing our goods and our remarkable memories with the goods, how well everything is clean up and how all the things in our home is well settled.

Our environment in the house makes a home and that's why it's important to keep your environment clean. If any guest is coming up and he finds dirt or some stains on your sofa, your whole image will go down and we do not want that and that's why it's important to always keep the clean furniture and if you don't have time you can take our Maintenance Services in Dubai from our professional company- Lets Serve.

But you may be wondering can I not clean the sofa on my own, do I have to always be reliable with the maintenance services, or which is the best maintenance service in Dubai

Let's say you want to clean the sofa by yourself then follow the below steps: -

Firstly, you have to understand the fabric and the tags that come from the manufacturer and interpret the correct meaning

  • W –Instruction It means that you can safely use Water-based detergents for sofa cleaning at home.
  • S/W – It indicates that you must use solvents and water-based cleaners for sofa and loveseat cleaning.
  • S – It says that you only need to use solvent-based cleaning chemicals.

After understanding this, you have to take action according to that

  • Take a thick brush whose bristles are not very strong and now rub all the dirt which the sofa has. This will remove unwanted dirt from the sofa.
  • Remember- you can also take a dry cloth and then rub it off gently but don't use the coloured cloth.
  • Use a small hand-sized vacuum cleaner and remove all the unwanted particles like small food particles.
  • Now take baking soda and apply it on that area where the stain is present, you can also use kitchen vinegar and other things to clean up the sofa.
Advantages of cleaning a sofa by Yourself?

If you are planning to clear the sofa by yourself and don't want to spend on maintenance services, then the only advantage you will have is

Cost saving for temporary time:

You will be saving the cost which you have to pay to the service company but on the other hand, if you used the wrong chemicals on the misinterpreted fabric of your sofa then it will cause more damage in the future means you will be saving cost only for a limited time.

Disadvantages of cleaning the sofa by yourself?

1- Wrong Chemicals:

If you have applied the wrong chemicals to your sofa, your sofa may get damaged eventually and as a result, you have to pay a huge amount for the restoration of the sofa or you have to buy a new one.

2- Tools and Equipment:

We all have to agree that we don't have enough tools and equipment to clean the sofa and we have to arrange it or we use other materials and things which we should not use.

3- Time taking:

You all agree that if you are cleaning the sofa then this process is time taking and in that time you can do other productive things and what if you clean the sofa by yourself but eventually it ends up getting worse and that's why we should take maintenance services from the professionals.

Let's consider why we should choose professional maintenance services

1- Time Saving:

As we already discussed if you clean by yourself, it will waste your so much time whereas when you take professional services, they will take care of everything while on the other hand, you can focus on another important task.

2- Quality Experience:

When you get services from a professional house cleaning company, they provide you a quality experience and take care of your furniture.

3- Clean Environment: -

They take care of everything from using the right tools and plans to clean your furniture to using the right liquids and in equal portion is very important, and the cleaning company takes care of everything which makes your house and your furniture a brand new home.


If you are planning to clean your sofa, then it's very much advisable to take professional services from companies like us. Lets Serve (Entirely Glorious Cleaning and Technical Services L.l.C) is the Best Sofa Cleaning Dubai Company. We started in 2014 and since then we have been providing quality services to our customers and making their homes a brand new home.